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June 24, 2012

The life of a Monarch is good!

tumblr_m62as7qdWR1rw5kf4o1_500.jpg The last 48 hours has been a flurry of Monarch activity. First off shirts are flying our of our garage almost faster than Angelo can make them which is so awesome considering until a couple a weeks ago we'd sold about 5 of them. Friday night we played seriously killer gig at the beach with the awesome and dark surf instro trio The Incredible Heavies. Seriously if you like your surf music painted black check these guys out. The crowd was large (for us) and the show was a fucking bulldozer of skanky surf awesome! Plus Mike and I had on new Monarchs shirts and pants and let's be real... we looked like Gods. Shout out to the foxy Natalie Angiuli who joined us and sang Bow Wow Wow's Do You Wanna Hold Me. USA and I both got home at around 4AM and then up at 9AM to go track guitars for our Ep All Summer Single. Holy fuck are we psyched about these 3 songs and we're pretty sure you guys will be too. They should be out very soon! Just wanted to keep you in the loop and thank you for your support that has seemingly come from outta nowhere and built into a fine frenzy! (yes I know that a band) 
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Posted by Greg @ Jun 24, 2012 at 10:53am
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