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May 29, 2012

Super Update: NEW MUSIC, NEW SHOW!

Headstock.JPG.jpg If you know me, and you probably don't, then let me be clear about this new friend: Nothing makes me happier in this whole world  than playing in this band. So finally after so much "other" showbiz stuff happening in my life standup, writing, podcasting, pretend clothes making, I am back to being a Monarch and the shit is going down like a power line in a tornado. Next Wed the 6th USA Mike, Blair Sinta and I get together to begin tracking a 3 song EP that we will hopefully have done by early July. There will be two brand new songs ALL SUMMER SINGLE, ATTACK SWEATER, ATTACK! and a reworking of the Walking The Room theme song ESTOY PODCUDDLE. The EP will coincide with the release of two new t shirts designs and a boatload of other awesome merch and one of a kind Monarchs items courtesy of J Angelo Warner of I Love Newpenny...  and also my garage where he currently lives.

June 22 we will take the stage (hopefully in a new mexi-cuban surf inspired formal wear designed by me)  at Rusty's Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica Pier and surf/ska the people. Fans wearing sweaters will receive free merch. Cause that's how dumb and nice we are. New songs will be played and the summer will officially be declared underway.

All of this is to get you attention and curry your favor for the fall when we will be starting a Kickstarter or some such campaign to fund some, not all, of a full length record set for release next summer. So sweater up!More live dates to be announced soon.
Posted by Greg @ May 29, 2012 at 8:14pm
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