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January 2, 2012


Lion_Head-2.jpg This could be an awesome year for The Reigning Monarchs
RECORD: Next week we go into a studio to start pre production on a new sweateriffic surf and skankfest tentatively titles "Lets Go Back To Your Dad's Place" for delivery this summer. It's possible that there will be a Kickstarter campaign to pay for horns and mixing but we'll let you know about that as soon as we know. Trust me when I tell you that we intend this to be the most exciting instrumental record recorded in the last 20 years. Harder skankier, bluesier, more punk and with just a touch of sweater. It will be the first record made with the whole band at once, as opposed to piecemeal like that last one. Dave Hawkins (Bass) and Blair Sinta (Drums) will come onboard to make this the full band experience and I'm psyched as shit about it! Both those motherfuckers can play.

LIVE:While no proper tour has been set up for 2012 there will be many shows. The Monarchs kick the year off in San Francisco at Bring The Rock Feb 4th then return home for Starfish Valentine's Day After Massacre!. Then it's off to the East Coast for Starfish Brooklyn on March 10th at the Bellhouse. Much new music will be played at all three events and the Monarchs are set to appear on all of the other Starfish events this year.

MERCH: And there will also be more merch! Currently we have only a few signed posters and our one of a kind lion guy t shirt. Until there are actual sweaters... T Shirt UP! But official band artist and merch monkey Joseph Angelo Warner has some killer ideas for the new year. We do this shit old skool by printing in his apt! So buy a shirt and help us make a record! 

Thanks for listening, now let us be upon you! 
Posted by Greg @ Jan 2, 2012 at 11:44am
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