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February 19, 2012

I Monarch.

IMG_0983.JPG.jpg Sometimes when I post here I try to pretend that I'm some guy that works for the band and posts pertinent and timely information about the band for fans of the band. I said band 3 times in that last sentence. It's kind of dumb really. I'm sure that any of the 4-6 people who read the posts here know that it is I, Greg Behrendt, the co-founder of this co-op of surf rock, punk skanking, fools that posts here, so from here on out I will post as me and no other way. I think it's far more interesting to read a personal message rather than some anonymous dude who is pretending the band is bigger than it is. 

I love this band. *If you know me you know that nothing brings me more happiness creatively than being a Reigning Monarch. I'm a 22 year veteran of the standup stage, a New York Times best selling author, a talk show host, a podcaster and a wannabe clothing designer. I've been on Letterman, Conan, The Tonight Show, Oprah, and the View. I've had four standup specials, written three books and yet nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing makes me more real to myself than playing to 10 people at the Doll Hut in Anaheim. 10 is an over estimation it may have been 4. I enjoy it so much I get excited (and dressed up) for band practice. I love the guys that I make music with. My co conspirator in this venture, Mike Eisenstein, is simply one of the best guitarists and producers in Los Angeles. Not to mention an all around awesome fucking dude that has essentially made my dream of being in a band come true. He was just a friend who had agreed to give me guitar lessons when I showed  him a piece of music I wanted to record to use as walk on music in the standup clubs. That song became Fanfare For A Well Dressed Man. He asked me if I had any other songs and soon we had a record. We've played with a lot of amazing people since that time but our current line up is Mike and I, Dave Hawkins who plays some of the most thunderous bass around and the great Blair Sinta who has been our drummer since the beginning. However due to the nature of show business, family and the rest there are guys like Ryan MacMillan who plays drums with us almost as much as Blair. How is he not also a Monarch? And J Angelo Warner who created the surfer lion guy and all of our merch... is he not also a Monarch? Or my sister who has photographed every live moment we've had. How about Kelly Dixon who along with my wife Amiira and I helped create uniforms for the gang?

The beauty of a band is that it's a collective. It's about the sum of parts. My whole career has been "Look at me, look at me!" And if I'm being honest I kinda hate it. All I've ever wanted to be since I got my first Aerosmith record was the guitarist in a band. Not the lead singer but rather his buddy. Don't get me wrong I like attention but I'm happy to share it or be near it. I like my identity in the band and I like what being in the band says about me. But more than all of that. I love making music. I don't know that there is another experirnce other than love (and some cakes) that beats making music with other people... and then sharing it. It's a fucking gift. One I don't take lightly. 

Recently at the Bring The Rock (awesome review) and Starfish Circus shows we've had fortune to play with vocalists and it's been a revelation. There has been some serious discussion amongst the band about adding a singer to our live shows... and who knows where else. 

In May we will begin recording a new album. It's all I can think about. I plan to post here about experience of being in this band. Hopefully you will swing by and read my posts from time to time but at the very least grab a record and come see a show. 

*My podcast Walking The Room runs a close second for many of the same reasons listed above. 
Posted by Greg @ Feb 19, 2012 at 8:22am
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